With MatchMe, these ladies business owners have actually built at the very top matchmaking company that clocks Rs 1 Cr revenue

With MatchMe, these ladies business owners have actually built at the very top matchmaking company that clocks Rs 1 Cr revenue

After playing cupid for some of her buddies and later being approached by people outside her circle to get them life partner hitch dating website, Mishi Mehta Sood realised matchmaking could are more than her passion task. She realised that this must be addressed in a far more organised means. The concept further took origins as she joined forces along with her university buddy Tania Malhotra Sondhi.

Together, the ladies hailing from a network that is well-connected Delhi, combined their aptitude for matchmaking and extensive experience with HR recruiting and executive queries, to launch a personalised boutique matrimonial solution called MatchMe in 2015.

Mishi Mehta Sood and Tania Malhotra Sondhi, Co-founders, MatchMe


The Delhi-based internet site, recognized for the personalised approach and increased exposure of discernment and privacy, filters and curates matches for the consumers, ensuring they only meet suitable individuals in the act. Its potential audience comprises the well-established, well-educated, and progressive-minded Indians distribute all over the planet.

“We have a significant system that we’ve been in a position to establish not just in North Asia but in addition abroad. We have been growing year-on-year,” says the founding duo, who presently runs a matchmaking army that is two-women.

“We have actuallyn’t built a group, once we both work physically with all our consumers. Our interior matching pc software helps us effectively make meaningful connections for many our customers,” they add.

Conventional matchmaking versus online dating

Digital dating certainly has its own merits. Its faster, easier, convenient, and you will satisfy somebody simply with a faucet in the screen. But, the swipe-fest may also take into account a few disasters. The inaccuracy of invasion and information of privacy coming to the top of the list.

“Mostly information and images provided aren’t fundamentally correct, which makes the internet dating space very doubtful,” quip Mishi and Tania, explaining just exactly how this creates a place for conventional matchmaking to flourish.

Of course, MatchMe’s services tend to be more advanced, roping in features like private interactions (with possibility lovers and their own families), a interior matching pc software that can help effectively make significant connections, as well as an impending software geared towards matchmaking for professionals just.

“It’s called MatchmeProfessional, wherein we have been targeting skillfully qualified Indians all over the planet,” the founders explain.

Aside from the redefined way of traditional matchmaking, there is the element of privacy. The duo explains, “It isn’t unusual to encounter your neighbour or some body you went along to school with whilst looking at matrimonial internet sites.”

To ensure the information that is personal the intent to have hitched just isn’t on display for the whole world to see, MatchMe, unlike other matrimonial services, actually places you in contact with people that have that you are usually going to it well with.

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